Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snap Snap

With photography I work on the theory that taking more photos increases the chance of getting a truly great shot. Many will potentially be rubbish but there will usually be a few gems among them.

I took 261 photos of our little house as a learning exercise with my digital SLR. Fifty-one of these were shots taken while reading the manual and learning about the different settings before I ventured outside to snap our Queenslander.

For this exercise I started with the ‘basic settings’ for the camera (creative auto, portrait, landscape, close up, etc), playing with various lighting, focus and filter settings. I think the monochrome setting worked well for our house, but I also liked playing with the close up and different lighting options. Still a lot to learn!

Here are a choice few, unedited–no photoshopping, well, except for the layout in sets.

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